West Doorway

West Doorway – Doras Iarthair an Mhainistir


The West Doorway: A Symbol of Love and History

The West Doorway, known as “Doras Iarthair an Mhainistir” in Gaelic, holds a special place in the history of our beloved Abbey. Its story is one of removal, rediscovery, and countless beautiful moments shared by couples beginning their journey in the embrace of this sacred space.

A Glimpse into the Past:  This historic doorway was originally inserted into the gable wall during the early part of the fifteenth century. Its purpose has always been to serve as a magnificent entrance for special occasions, primarily weddings, and for those times when our church hosts a large congregation.

The Journey of the West Doorway:  In 1858, a decision was made to relocate the West Doorway to another church, where it would spend over a century away from its original home. This separation was a significant chapter in its history.

A Serendipitous Rediscovery:  The 1960s brought an unexpected twist. The West Doorway was rediscovered by chance and, in an act of kindness, returned to its rightful place within the Abbey. It was here that it would once again witness the joy of brides entering the Abbey and emerging as husbands and wives.

A Witness to Love:  Throughout the years, the West Doorway has been the backdrop for countless beautiful wedding ceremonies. Its historical significance and timeless beauty make it a cherished setting for capturing the love and commitment shared by couples on their special day.

As we continue to cherish and preserve our Abbey’s rich history, the West Doorway remains a symbol of love, resilience, and the enduring beauty of our traditions.


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