The Chapel of Adoration

The Chapel of Adoration at Ballintubber Abbey is a spiritual haven where Eucharistic Adoration takes place daily from 9.30 a.m. to midnight. Devoted families and individuals, primarily from the Ballintubber area, maintain a continuous presence before the Blessed Sacrament, dedicating an hour each week to this sacred duty. This tradition has been a part of the Ballintubber Abbey experience since 1989. The chapel, located in the original sacristy, offers a tranquil and serene atmosphere with its preserved corbelled stone roof. Eucharistic Adoration begins after Mass, accompanied by the recitation of the Rosary and other prayers, with intentions spanning the parish and the wider world.

This chapel serves as a powerful source of grace, prayer and spirituality.


The Adoration Chapel in Ballintubber Abbey.