The Abbey

Discover Ballintubber Abbey

With a rich history spanning over 800 years, Ballintubber Abbey stands as a testament to time and spirituality. Located amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Mayo, along the scenic Wild Atlantic Way, we are a sanctuary of peace, prayer, and reflection.

At Ballintubber Abbey, we offer a variety of experiences for both groups and individuals:

We invite you to visit Ballintubber Abbey and immerse yourself in its history and spirituality. Whether you seek quiet contemplation, a guided tour, or a place to celebrate life’s milestones, our doors are open to all.


“Ballintubber Abbey is more than just a historic site; it’s a place of spiritual significance.”

Retreats:  Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of prayer and silence. Our abbey is the perfect setting for retreats, catering to both Primary and Second Level Schools. Find inner peace and rejuvenation in our serene surroundings.

Tours:  Explore our rich history and connection with Granuaile and Croagh Patrick. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the centuries, unveiling the stories and significance that reside within these hallowed walls.

A Historic Wedding Venue: Ballintubber Abbey is not just a place of worship and reflection; it is also renowned as one of Ireland’s most iconic wedding venues. Its timeless charm and historic significance have attracted some well-known celebrities in the past. The abbey’s walls, once echoing with prayers, now resonate with the joyous celebrations of marriages that continue to take place each year.

Tóchar Phádraig:  Ballintubber Abbey is intricately connected to the Tóchar Phádraig, an ancient pilgrimage route. This sacred path traces the footsteps of St. Patrick, connecting Ballintubber Abbey to Croagh Patrick, one of Ireland’s most revered pilgrimage destinations. Pilgrims and visitors alike can follow in the spiritual journey of Ireland’s patron saint along this historic route.

Mass:  We serve as a church, with Mass celebrated here throughout the week. It’s a place where the local community and visitors come together in worship and reflection.

Group Celebrations: Bring your group, and share in the sacred celebration of Mass within our historic abbey. Many visiting groups choose to bring their own priest to celebrate mass, creating a truly unique and spiritual experience.

Adoration:  In our Adoration Chapel, the Blessed Sacrament is exposed from 9:00 am to 9:00 daily. 

Sacraments: Our walls have witnessed countless sacraments, from marriages to confirmations, baptisms, and penance. These sacred ceremonies bring joy to both the abbey and our community.


A Haven of Peace and Presence

The serene ambiance of Ballintubber Abbey fosters an atmosphere of prayer and silence, making it an ideal place for reflection and retreats. Visitors often describe their experience with words like “peace,” “prayerfulness,” and “presence.” Our Visitors’ Book is a testament to the profound impact our abbey has on those who walk through its doors.