Calvary – A Sacred Destination

Calvary – Cnoc Chailvaire

Introduction:  Nestled within the serene landscapes surrounding the Abbey lies a place of profound spiritual significance, known as Calvary or Cnoc Chailvaire. Here, amidst the Abbey’s meticulously manicured gardens, visitors can embark on a spiritual journey through The Rosary Way and the Way of The Cross, all culminating at the highest point on the hill – Calvary itself.

Calvary’s Magnificent Presence:  At Calvary’s summit, a trio of crosses stands tall, majestically silhouetted against the horizon. These crosses, positioned behind a cascading waterfall, create a breathtaking tableau reminiscent of the sacred hill of Calvary itself.

Holy Week Reenactment:  Every Holy Week, this sacred ground witnesses a poignant reenactment of The Passion of Jesus, drawing thousands of devout pilgrims from near and far. This annual tradition, spanning 35 years, has been guided by the steadfast hand of Fr. Frank Fahey. The compelling reenactment serves as a profound spiritual preparation for Easter and leaves a lasting impact on those who bear witness to it.

 A Growing Devotion:  Over the years, the Passion Play at Calvary has steadily grown in popularity. Pilgrims from all corners of Ireland, the UK, and even the continent converge upon this hallowed site to partake in the moving portrayal of Jesus’ journey to the cross. The increasing attendance is a testament to the enduring power of faith and the timeless allure of Calvary.

In the heart of these landscaped gardens, Calvary, with its captivating views and profound spiritual significance, continues to be a cherished destination for those seeking a deeper connection with their faith and a moving experience that sets the stage for the joyous celebration of Easter.

Calvery at Ballintubber Abbey

Calvery at Ballintubber Abbey