Sculptures by Br Joseph McNally

Brother Joseph McNally (10 August 1923 – 27 August 2002),

A native of Ballintubber, County Mayo, Ireland, left an enduring mark on his homeland through his remarkable artistic contributions. Born and raised in the scenic landscapes of Ballintubber, he dedicated his life to both his faith and his passion for the arts.

McNally grew up in County Mayo, where he began studying the arts in high school. His journey as an artist took root during these formative years. However, his path took a significant turn when, at the age of 14, McNally made the life-altering decision to leave his hometown and join the De La Salle Brothers.

He embarked on a spiritual and educational journey that led him to complete his novitiate at the De La Salle Retreat in Castletown. McNally continued his studies at De La Salle College in Mallow, County Cork, deepening his commitment to both his faith and his artistic pursuits.

In 1973, McNally’s journey took him to Singapore once more, where he joined the teaching staff at St. Patrick’s School. His dedication and leadership qualities led him to become the principal of the school in 1975, a position he held until his retirement in 1982.

Following his retirement from St. Patrick’s School, Brother Joseph McNally continued his mission to foster the arts. In 1984, he founded the St. Patrick’s Arts Centre and assumed the role of its president, furthering his commitment to nurturing artistic talent and expression. McNally continued to inspire others through his work, eventually retiring in 1997 but receiving the honorary title of President Emeritus in recognition of his enduring contributions to the world of art and education.

Brother Joseph’s connection to Ballintubber runs deep, and his legacy lives on through three significant sculptures gracing the region. Two of these sculptures, “The Mother and Child” and the statue of “St. Patrick,” proudly adorn the grounds of the historic Ballintubber Abbey, enriching the spiritual and cultural heritage of the area. The third sculpture stands proudly at Castle Burke, overlooking the tranquil shores of Lough Cara, adding to the natural beauty of the region.

These three monumental sculptures were generously donated by Brother Joseph McNally in celebration of the new millennium. The realization of this artistic vision was made possible through extensive fundraising efforts by the local community, who joined hands to bring these exceptional works of art to life.

With unwavering dedication, the community mobilized resources to ensure the safe shipping, transportation, and placement of these sculptures in their current locations. The collaborative efforts of the community members transformed Brother Joseph’s artistic dream into a tangible reality.

Today, these three monuments, standing as testaments to both Brother Joseph’s artistic prowess and the remarkable fundraising efforts of the local community, serve as enduring symbols of unity, faith, and the power of collective endeavor.

Brother Joseph McNally’s contributions continue to inspire and enrich the lives of those who encounter his works, reminding us of the enduring power of art and faith to shape the cultural tapestry of our communities.