The Wooden Church

The Wooden Church – replica of Patrician churches (5th Century)

Reverent Reflection at the Wooden Church: A Replica of Patrician Churches from the 5th Century

 In the early days of the Irish Church, these “Dairteachs” – wooden churches – stood as sacred havens for contemplation, places where the faithful gathered to ponder the teachings of God and the beauty of the natural world. Baptisms and Eucharistic ceremonies often unfolded beneath the open sky, amid the ancient tradition of our pre-Christian ancestors, by wells and in serene groves.

This remarkable structure faithfully replicates the inaugural church erected in the year 441 A.D. when St. Patrick graced the grounds of Ballintubber. Crafted entirely from wood and crowned with a shingled roof, it stands as a living testament to the dawn of Christianity and the inaugural mystery – The Annunciation. This very church bore witness to the solemn Masses celebrated by devoted priests, with congregants patiently awaiting their turn outdoors before finding solace within. Today, it serves as a haven for tourists and retreatants alike, offering shelter for reflection and prayer.

This cherished place of worship was brought to life through the dedicated efforts of the local community, as part of the FÁS scheme, embodying the spirit of unity and faith that has endured through centuries. Come, experience the serenity and history of this wooden church, a time-honored replica that connects us to the roots of our spiritual journey.