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The Abbey Maintenance Collection.

The ‘Abbey that refused to die’ is maintained by the generosity of the local people and by the people who visit it or participate in its many activities.  Your donation is, therefore, necessary and greatly appreciated as the cost to maintain this +800 structure and its grounds is enormous. 

If you wish to donate to the  Abbey Maintenance Collection please click this link.


Ballintubber Abbey Restoration Project

The Ballintubber Abbey Restoration Project seeks to further develop the structure of Ballintubber Abbey to create an interpretive centre to educate, engage and inspire visitors regarding the extraordinary historical, cultural and spiritual legacy of Ballintubber Abbey, the ‘Abbey that refused to die’.

The currently derelict east wing of the abbey will be restored with a contemporary architectural design, for which planning has already been granted. This new building will comprise three floors each with a distinct presentation:

  1. Ground Floor – The history of the founding, development, growth and renewal of the Abbey over 800 years.
  2. First Floor – An introduction to Tóchar Phádraig, the ancient pilgrim path taken by St. Patrick from Ballintubber Abbey to Croagh Patrick.
  3. Second Floor – Footsteps in the Sand, a meditation on the broader evolution of mankind’s spirituality from ancient times to the present in which the Abbey is such a pivotal landmark, and its continuing relevance today.

In addition to the core presentation rooms outlined above, the new building will include lifts and stairs, toilets and fire escape and offices.

The entire center will utilise state of the art presentation media to engage and inspire visitors of all ages, nationalities and religious backgrounds. Ballintubber Abbey represents a singular testament to the values of community, faith and perseverance in the face of adversity, which with the completion of this long-planned development, will continue to attract, engage and inspire current and future generations.

Even with generous grants, Ballintubber Abbey Trust is charged with the raising of a considerable amount of money towards the restoration costs and welcomes contributions from interested parties. Please click this link if you wish to donate to Ballintubber Abbey Restoration Project

Please let us know if your donation is towards the Abbey or the Restoration Fund.  Thank you for your generosity.