Explore the Abbey Grounds

The ‘themed’ landscaped grounds of the Abbey reflect the various events in the life of Christ as depicted through the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries of the rosary.

The themes can be explored in their totality or individually, e.g. Elizabeth’s house, The Tomb, The Nativity, The Church of the Annunciation, Sean a’ Sagart Tree, the East Windows etc. The very ruins themselves are integrated into the Good News story – ‘the greatest story ever told’.


1. 15th Century Doorway & Window 2 & 3. Doorways
4. 13th Century Windows 5. High Altar
6. Altar 7. East Window
8. Aumbries 9. Abbot’s Tomb
10. 17th Century Doorway 11. Piscina
12. Sedilia Arch 13 & 14. Windows
15. Chapel of the Blessed Virgin 16. Tomb Slabs
17. Baptistery 18. Doorway
19. Inscribed Stone 20. Glazed Opening
21. Window 22. Archway
A. Entrance to Cloister B. Cloister Arcade
C. 13th Century Windows D. Professional Doorway
E. Arch F. Flat-Arched Doorway
G. Tapering Flagstones H. Ornamental Stone-Work
I. 13th Century Archway J. Chapter House
K. Doorway L. Succession of Buildings
M. 13th Century Main Entrance N. Calefactory
O. Buttress Stones P. The Second Cloister
Q. Probable Cellarer’s House R. Bay of the First Cloister
S. West Wall T. Store