Reconstruction at Ballintubber Abbey

Today’s task is the reconstruction of the East Wing of Ballintubber Abbey, reflecting modern architectural design, for which planning has been granted. We hope that this will provide:

(A) An Interactive Learning Centre, exploring the pilgrim paths and centres of learning of the medieval ages, that contributed so much to Europe’s Christian identity, heritage and foundational culture.  This will use digital displays and virtual reality.

(B) Necessary additional facilities, for the thousands of visitors and pilgrims who come to the Abbey and its environs, such as:

  • Lifts and stairs.
  • Toilets and fire escape.
  • Offices and Conference rooms.

We hope this further restoration will be our contribution and legacy to the extraordinary story of the ‘Abbey that refused to die’ and which will enable the Abbey to flourish and fulfil the needs of our times

Even with generous grants, Ballintubber Abbey Trust are charged with the raising of a considerable amount of money towards the Building Costs and towards the equipment for the Interactive Learning Centre.

If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so by bank transfer or cheque details are outlined below.

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NAME: Ballintubber Abbey Trust


Cheque’s payable to:

Ballintubber Abbey Trust

Thanks you for your continued support!