Tour Coming to Ballintubber Abbey

For tour groups coming to Ballintubber Abbey the occasion is more often an ‘experience’ rather than a visit. The ruined Cloister, the pristine interior of the restored Church, the story of the Abbey that refused to die, the history of a people who dared to hope against hope, all combine to move the visitor towards tranquillity and reflection. In the visitors book the most common remark is that of Peace and Presence. The stories, as told by the guide make the events and happenings associated with Ballintubber Abbey since the time of St Patrick’s visit, come alive.

“The Abbey that refused to die”

Founded in 1216 by Cathal Crovderg O’Connor, King of Connaught.

Among the medieval religious foundations who ruins dot the Irish countryside, the Abbey is unique.

This remarkable Abbey is the only church in Ireland where for 800 years, Mass has been offered without a break.

Experience for yourself the story of “the Abbey that refused to die,” Our video and guides will take your through the stories of Cromwellian burnings, suppression, and the notorious priest hunter, Seaán na Sagart.

Spend some time to savour the atmosphere of quiet contemplation in the grounds, incorporating strands of Celtic Spirituality and participate in the experience of pilgrimage on Tóchar Phádraig.

Open all year