The Celtic Furrow

What is the Celtic Furrow?

The Celtic Furrow is a unique visitor centre, which traces cultural, historical and spiritual roots in Ireland over 5,000 years.

Nestled in the shadow of Ballintubber Abbey, many visitors overlook The Celtic Furrow as they hurry on to other museums and attractions in the area – what a pity. This is one experience that is truly not to be missed!.

Ideal for young and old alike, come along and enjoy a snapshot of our rich cultural heritage from the wonder of Neolithic times to the nostalgia of life in rural Ireland fifty years ago. It finally opens up to us the choices we have to make to day that will determine our (hi)story in the future.

Tours of The Celtic Furrow

This unparalleled project informs the visitor of the rituals, traditional customs and festivals of our past. Clay models and murals on impressive five-foot paintings allow the visitor to go on an exciting yet informative journey to Neolithic and Celtic Times.

Onwards on our journey to the Manger where the message of St Patrick to our early Christian ancestors is presented in an inspiring, thought-provoking way.

A breath of fresh air brings you outside to view beautiful gardens, fountains, stone work, bog oaks and murals which collectively inform us of the golden age of Christianity in Ireland – a time where art, culture and learning flourished.

A walk through the meandering labyrinth encourages us to reflect on a thousand years of sad history in Ireland. Persecution, invasion, destruction, famine and suffering all took their toll on our ancestors but they were still a people with hope as symbolised by The Celtic Cross that stands resolutely at the centre of the labyrinth.

Our tour invites us to take a nostalgic look at the traditions, customs and spirituality associated with life in rural Ireland 50 years ago.

Finally, we enter a capsule that gives us a glimpse of the choices that we are confronted with in this 21st Century choices that will affect our cultural and spiritual (Hi)story in future generations.